Updates of May 2012

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    Updates of May 2012

    Post by Jonel on Fri May 18, 2012 3:31 pm

    Updates of May 2012!
    ••••• Recent Updates of May •••••

    Party Finder

    info: Having a hard time finding a party? Aha! Say no more from shouting and finding parties. Just Press "L" and the Party Finder Window Shows the Parties Active on Exordium FlyFF!

    Glow System

    info: Changes the Color of Glows in your Armor. Located on Saint Morning.

    ••••• Old Updates of May •••••

    Guild Siege Every 4 hours

    Some of the Skill effects changed

    Weapon Leveling System

    info: Just attack monsters and see its exp and level. The Higher the level the Higher the Stat
    Transfer Awake System

    Scroll of Unbind

    info: It temporarily unbinds your weapon or green parts. This is sold on our Website as Vote Points (Vpoints)
    v17 Shopping Cart

    info: This enables players to buy from the NPC much more convenient. It shows the current items bought and automatically states the Total of Penya needed for your items dragged to your cart.
    Day and Night system

    info: If there is Sunshine ofcourse there is Darkness. It will become much more darker ingame when its Night Time and Normal Light when Day time.

    ••• More Updates to come soon •••


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