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    Post by Jandy on Sun Dec 11, 2011 4:20 pm

    Welcome to Exordium Flyff Server!
    In order to create an enjoyable community for everyone,
    Please take a few minutes of your time to read the following game rules carefully.
    Whether you decide to read or not it is your decision.
    Be aware that not knowing a rule isn't an excuse and it does not mean the punishment will be spared.

    Note: These rules are only regarding the Forum,
    Thank you for your time,
    ExordiumFlyff Staff.

    ExordiumFlyff Forum Rules:

    1- Spamming
    Spamming, in general is the act of consecutive posts in a short period of time.(one word posts are spam too) This is true, but to an extent. If there is something wrong with a post (like it being spam or in the wrong forum) - replying telling the user is also spam. Additionally, it is backseat modding, so please use the report button.

    2- User Representation
    When posting on the forum you are representing yourself however you like. Please be wary that any internet personal you embody will always be known as you. So we ask that you take this into consideration while posting and be sure to be respectful and wary of any young viewers. We expect all forum members to be mature, and use a language suitable for a public forum.

    3- Flaming
    Flaming is not tolerated here on these forums. If you have a problem you may PM any of the current staff members. Attempts at flaming may result in a forum ban.

    4-Racism, Prejudice and Discrimination
    As we all know is a touchy subject. Some consider it appropriate as long as no individuals are particularly targeted for the comment - such as using it in the context of a joke, or quoting a statement from someone else. Unfortunately this is a gray area subject - That being the case Racism is strictly prohibited in any form or depiction, be it verbally or visual. If you do not know if your joke, statement, remark, comment, or whatever your post falls under those headings, then don't post it.

    5-Thread Hijacking
    Thread Hijacking is the act of completely posting off-topic to the original thread. In respect we ask that all users of this forum keep on topic with the original idea in mind. If you feel as though you need to post in regards to a specific thread but of different topic, merely make a new thread which either quotes a specific post or links to the thread all together.

    6-Sharing accounts/Unauthorized access of another members account
    Account sharing or continuous efforts to enter into another's account is against the rules of our forums. Here at Legacy Games we keep all private information exactly as it is, private. I suggest you do the same for your own personal benefits.

    Advertising and spam advertising is a banable offense. We suggest you do not advertise any sites that require a sign-up or appears to be a competitor of Exorduim flyff.

    Gravedigging is the act or reviving (posting) in topics older then a specific date. If you've read something relevant to something you wish to post in a thread, simply create a new thread and link to that thread to explain the relation. Do not post in old threads, if its for the purpose of gaining posts, don't bother, because this too is considered spamming.

    9-Account Compromised Users
    As an Exorduim flyff user you are responsible for your username, and password. This includes that of your MSN username, E-mail and paypal information. If your information becomes compromised, and a user uses your account information in a malicious manner. You will be held responsible. To ensure you are not one to be compromised, change your password frequently, and monitor your account activity.

    10-Showing disrespect
    Showing disrespect towards Staff Remember that they have the power to ban you within reason should they feel its needed.

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