Awake Transfering every month.


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    Awake Transfering every month.

    Post by Ghost on Sat Dec 31, 2011 9:24 pm

    I suggest that if u got some really nice awakes to an item like adoch 200 200 dex 200 , but it is not in the weapon that u want that awake like Staff/wand , there should be an event that we will collect some rare items ( alot of chosen QI's or some items that u wanted us to hunt ) for us to apply in the awake transfering. Meaning if u got all the items needed , u should trade them to a gm event organizer and then he will transfer/awake the item that u wanted to be in that awake like axe/sword/bow etc.
    Srry for my bad english ~
    hope this event will be held sometimes.

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