My Entry :D


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    My Entry :D

    Post by luigoy190 on Sat Dec 17, 2011 1:46 pm

    Name: Kim Alising
    IGN: Guillotine
    Date Sent: Dec 17 2011
    LIKE = 20% of Criteria!
    EXPLANTION = 30%of Critertia (ENGLISH)
    • First of all, It is in THEME, which is "Colorful, Fun and Meaningful Christmas at Exordium FlyFF!". "Exordium FlyFF" Name is in Magical Sparkles because it signifies that the server is MAGICAL, INTERESTING and MYSTERIOUS in a good way that players would see very clearly and enjoy, It is with fireworks to show the celebration and the spirit of Christmas. I've also put the server's website w/c is located at the bottom right corner of the picture, to endorse the server and for the players to know what or where to go to. Thank you!

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