Blade and Adoch


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    Blade and Adoch

    Post by raventh on Mon Apr 02, 2012 9:31 am

    hello fellow players
    i have a question about blade build
    I am full str blade
    and i have several adoch awakenings
    however is 1295% Total adoch not overkill?
    Some say that the more adoch the more power you dishout
    but what about lets say 500% adoch or a tad less
    and more STR.

    Give you opinion
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    Re: Blade and Adoch

    Post by RavFromYetti on Fri Apr 06, 2012 5:50 pm

    Well, about the blades is still a mysterious thing with the adoch, critical and str.

    I tried to made best build for eFlyff blade I've made and I come up with
    STR: 101
    STA: 53
    DEX: 79
    on Character Simulator and I hit on pvp like 6,3k with Lusaka Sword + Angel Sword I have adoch gear.

    But here when I try out this build in Exordiuym it fails, because of the access to all times that I can't access in eFlyff no wonder.

    I sawon FlyffWorld forums that if you balance your critical%, adoch and str then you would do no misses, but on PvPEliters I saw that if you have more critical% you have much bigger advantage to make damage 1st before your rival starts.

    So yeah.. still a mysth


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