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    Application For Moderator

    Post by DarkEve on Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:18 am

    I'll Just Re-post My Application Form because Deso Accidentally Deleted it when the Forum is Bombed by FFD.

    Name: Kevi (Nick-Name)
    Age: 16
    Time Zone: GMT + 8
    Experience?: Yes
    Forum Status?: Active & Good
    Time Spent In Forum? (Daily): Around 5-12 Hours Daily.
    Any Contributions Already?: Yes, Some of the things in the forum is from my idea and opinions mixed with Deso's Thinking and he improved it better.
    Why Would You Like To Be Moderator: Because i want to help our community to become more open and to let them know most of the things in-game when they visit our Forum and also it would be a very good task/job because i can help people who got problem in-game or anything that they want to put in forum aside i've been handling 3 forums before the first one im so nervous because its visited by 30-70 Person Daily so its a big job for me to handle though i have some other companion and on my 2nd Forum experience that was a Exclusive online game and there is 20-90 Person daily visiting it and everyday there is new post/thread that needs to be answer its so bombarding if you dont have the guts and lastly my 3rd forum mod experience was not that hard but its fun im in a Pserver Forum (Not Flyff) and there is only 10-25 visitors weekly they are sharing their opinions and suggestions in the forum that i really liked. Now im here in our beloved forum i already contributed on it but thats not additional thing to be moderator i just wanted to Help and Let other player got their question answered. This Forum Is Our Treasure so we keep it good and improving. I love you

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