Introduction and Farewell...

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    Introduction and Farewell...

    Post by DarkEve on Wed Mar 07, 2012 6:40 pm

    Well Most and Foremost i like to thank all of my close friends here in the game. Ravwings, Miku, BPNicole02 and most of all MrDeso.
    Well my name in-game is DarkEve and my nickname is Kevi well all of you guys maybe know me already and i know almost all of you in this server well i make my name for making events and other things the main reason i do this things because i want all to be happy i want all to be lively thanks to all who believe and trusted me on my skills and potentionals. I like the game in my 1st day of it to the best in my second day playing im in 148 already and good standings i like the community and the Gm's (Admins) here how friendly and nice they are so i thank them for warm welcoming me in to their server this ends my introduction.

    Now for my farewell i just want to thank the MOST Kind and Greatest person i ever met and its MrDeso, Deso you've been that kind to me and open in our short friendship i hope in my disappearance you find new person who you can talk and open up with i have the best time in-game with you i hope you dont have any bad view on me and on what i did im happy to play this game and im still happy to leave it. Thank you all who believe and trusted me in all of my decisions and suggestions and all what i do. I just want to be remember as a good, friendly and love giving person in-game remember me like " oh its DarkEve one of the kindest person when she was playing the game and she give stuffs and things away for free " thats all i want i dont want to be remember in the worst thing. I will remember you all in the sweetest memory.. " Every Shows Must come to an End... " Every Doors that close opens up a window for better things " and " All of Drama is not enough to show how it hurts to leave a beloved thing to you but for the sake of your own you must do it Move on and get a life...
    - DarkEve ( February 27 2012 - March 7 2012 )

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